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Subject: Stout (or is it Porter) Recipe
Date: 1992-05-01 16:39:05 GMT

Stout, or is it Porter by another name?

5 gallon batch

1 Lb roasted barley
1 lb Crystal (~100 lovibond)
1 lb pale malt
2 oz black patent
crack, put in bruheat with 6 gal or so, in grain bag.

Rest at 110-115 for 15 minutes.

Mash circa 150 for about 40 minutes (full conversion via
iodine test and wait a bit) There's not really much to convert.

Sparge, but don't cook the flippin' hulls.

1 Can (1.5kg) John Bull Dark unhopped
1 Can (1.5kg) John Bull Amber unhopped
(I'm sure somebody else's unhopped extract would do just fine, too.)

Boil until hot break starts. Skim well. Either this likes
to throw scum or my grain cracking is bad, but who cares.

Add 1 oz galena hops. Boil for 45 min or so, skimming when necessary.
You will find some scum here, too.

Add a pinch of irish moss.
Wait 5 minutes.

Add 1/2 oz fuggles and 1 oz cascades,
and boil for 5 minutes. Before boil stops, bring total
volume to about 5.5 gal, of which you'll use 5 gal.

Cool (I use immersion chiller- expect a cold break, too)

Rack to carboy.

Pitch with Whitbread's Ale yeast (I plan to try some
Wyeast as soon as I get the chance, but I have nothing
against Whitbreads.). I don't use a blowoff, but
I do have a spare bathroom with a spare bathtub to
put the carboy in. I just use a good ol' s-lock.

Starts at somewhere around 1.045 (I don't let it cool far
enough to know for sure.)

Finishes in about a 1.5 week for me at about 1.23 or so, circa
64-65 deg. F There are lots of unfermentables in this beer, no kidding.

Rack back to bruheat, prime with 1/2 C light DME
boiled in 1qt of water or so. Stir cooled priming liquid
into bruheat.


**NOTE** this beer has enough unfermentable stuff in it that
you do NOT want wild yeast in it, or you will get gushers
that taste rather (as he mixes his metaphors) like something
you'd rather see in an old Godzilla movie. So, get out
that chlorox and b-brite.)(NO! Don't MIX them. No! No! NO!)

It conditions sorta slow, it's not dried out for about
three weeks here.

This tastes a bit like Sheaf stout, but without the
"I'm too old" flavor. After it sits on the tongue,
it's sweeter (but not at first taste, you need to break
some of the higher sugars with your pepsin first).

It's hoppier, it could probably stand to condition
a while longer. I've thought to add some cara-pils
but I have yet to get around to it.

Head retention is so-so.

People must like it, I've gone through the last batch in about
2 weeks after conditioning, with lots of cheerful help.

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