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From: "Brett Lindenbach" <>
Subject: yeast culturing addendum
Date: 1992-05-02 00:35:11 GMT

Subject: Time:6:16
OFFICE MEMO yeast culturing addendum
i hope you liked my last post. i wish to thank larry stuntz for
it, he pointed out a few things that i may need to clarify. first of
all, the solid agar should be gelantinous, but stronger than jello.
therefore, when streaking a plate, be gentle. keep the loop on top and
do not mar the the surface. if you wish to scale the recipe, shoot
for 2% (w/v) agar. my quantity was a guess, but it is plenty. agar is
derived from red algae, and its quality is dependent on its purity.
for homebrewer's purposes, it does not have to be real high grade.
therefore, i think that the chinese agar-agar (found in oriental marts)
would probably be fine.

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