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From: Malt-Fermenter Gelly <GELLY@VAXA.CIS.UWOSH.EDU>
Date: 1992-05-04 05:27:00 GMT

Hi folks,

Sorry to flame, but I am really getting tired of some individual (whose initals
are js) who just can not post a message without the obligatory "real" brewer
BS. Any time I read a post from this individual I just stop relaxing because I
know his arrogance and self-importance will creep into it somehow. The most
recent posting by this "real" homebrewer went on pretty innocently, but alas it
was too good to be true, for the last line was

> BTW, congratualtions on taking home brewing one step further. No one will
> accuse you of being a cake mix brewer.

I do not care what your or anyones definition of brewing is. I make beer.
Period. I and my friends enjoy it, and I will continue to make it the way
I prefer to make it.

Drop it already, guy. We are getting sick of it and it only continues to lessen
your credibility with us.

For the rest, I am sorry to flame, but it's really been annoying. We are all
sharing a rewarding hobby here, and I enjoy learning more about it. However I
do not enjoy the few people who have to lord advanced techniques over us. I
respect the extra effort that goes into all-grain brewing, but do not respect
those who do not respect us.

So if you don't like it or my extract brewing, you can bite me. To the rest,
keep the good advice and questions coming.


Mitch Gelly

"You say you've got the answers, well who asked you anyway..." - Dave Mustaine

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