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From: Ege Serim <S901322%EMUNIVM1.BITNET@pucc.Princeton.EDU>
Subject: Re: Homebrew Digest #875 (May 04, 1992)
Date: 1992-05-04 15:51:41 GMT

Dear Brewers;
I subscribed to this list quite recently when I saw it on the listservs
list... I have always wondered about fermentation and making home-brews...
Im am currently studying in the wonderfull island of Cyprus (actually doing
my BSc on Electronic Eng.) A corner of earth touched by heaven... Anyway let
me come back to the point I tried a little experiment a week ago. Mixing
5 litres of grape juice into 3 table spoons full yeast boiled in 2 cups of
water and about two full cups of sugar... And put the whole mixture in a
plastic sealed container with a airlock lid| I know the whole thing soudns
silly and I already knew about wine turning into vinegar when in contact
with air but to smell it I lifted up the airlock lid as i did so because
of the preasure inside the whole thing blew up in my face....
NOW since my knowledge on fermentation is no more than I learnt in biology
in high school please someone guide me on how to make my first dry wine?
I know that I need a proper airlock| and maybe some other stuff too...

Ege Serim.... <S901322 at EMUNIVM1> Keen beer/wine enthusiast|

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