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From: smithey@rmtc.Central.Sun.COM (Brian Smithey)
Subject: Recycling Yeast
Date: 1992-05-04 15:59:23 GMT

>>>>> In HBD #875, writes:

Joel> I am looking for a less maintenance intensive yeast 'culturing'
Joel> method.

[ ... ]

Joel> I have seen numerous mention of people re-using the yeast slurry
Joel> from the primary or secondary. Would anyone care to post a
Joel> procedure/process/primer on how to get 2-3 batches from one
Joel> packet of yeast (liquid or otherwise).


Try saving the slurry from primary in sanitized jars in your
refrigerator. I haven't done this myself, as I rarely use the
same yeast for two consecutive batches of beer, but I was reading
through the Zymurgy yeast special last night (again), and this
method was mentioned as a good first step towards home yeast
maintenance. Try to use the yeast as soon as possible, I
think the article said a week was ok. There was also some
information on pitching volume that you might find useful,
you want to get 40 billion cells pitched into 5 gallons of
wort, and 1 cup of slurry from primary should do it. So should
10 puffed up Wyeast packages :-)

Speaking of yeast, a follow-up on my Red Tail Ale yeast query
of a week ago: I went ahead and pitched the dregs from two
bottles of unknown age into an 8 oz starter and attached an
air-lock. I finally saw some activity about 4 or 5 days later,
which wasn't a quick enough start for me to be confident about
brewing with it. Anyway, the yeast is viable; I'd suspect that
it's very similar to Sierra Nevada's yeast, as it sticks very
well to the bottom of the bottle (as does SN), and the Mendicino
Brewing Co. in Hopland, CA (brewers of Red Tail Ale) is fairly
close to Chico. By the way, they also make a seasonal (Winter)
ale called Eye of the Hawk, a strong ale whose yeast sediment
looks very Chimay like; those of you who can find this beer
may have better luck reusing this yeast rather than Chimay, as
it will probably be fresher (in the Winter, anyway) and will
probably have seen less rough handling than a beer that has
been imported from Belgium.

Joel> -Joel McCamley "Constantly Relaxing, Not Worrying and
Joel> Having a Homebrew!"

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