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Subject: hanks to all who helped.
Date: 1992-05-05 00:42:22 GMT

A few months ago, i posted some questions on procedure with problems of
persistent cloudiness in beer. Well, thanks to some very patient and kind
replies and suggestions, i have now got two all-extract batches that are my
best ever!! and CLEAR!!
Errors i corrected: i thought conversoin wasn't occurring as i was
iodine-testing the husk residue. After letting the haze settle during mashing,
i now test in the more clear supernantant and the magic works!!
i was boiling for too short a time: i now boil for one hour (SBT std.
boiling time) and this probably helped a lot too.

Now just one more quickie: After boiling, as i am letting the wort cool
a little on the stove, how do most people get the wort off the hot break
leafy coudlets precipitate? Is there some trick? Do you just wait a while? It
seems a shame, after boiling to get this sexy hot break, to just throw it all
(well, most of it) in to the primary while pouring...
i pour onto ice-cold water through a bed of ice; this cools it fast enough.

Thanks again for the wonderful support group ;-)

Happy brewing

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