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From: Now we will gnaw on their skulls <SELBYR@MEENA.CC.UREGINA.CA>
Subject: bad beer?
Date: 1992-05-05 09:01:00 GMT

I was wondering if anyone could help me with a question I have. I made
up a batch of beer in late August/early September, transfered it to a
carboy,then ended up leaving it until a week ago to bottle. What are
the chances of it being drinkable? The carboy sat undisturbed in my
basement (very cool) over a Canadian winter - temp under 19 degrees
centigrade most definitely. A related question would be - what, if
any, would be the ill effects (affects?) of drinking this or any
"bad" beer? Also, what should I be looking for to determine if a beer
should or shouldn't or couldn't be imbibed? ie, what smells and
sights should I look out for? Thanks for any and all help.
Roger Selby
Dept. of Anth.
University of Regina
Regina, Sask., Canada
S4S 0A2

(selbyrog at uregina1, selbyr@ureginav)

p.s. Is rinsing with a sodium metabisulphate solution sufficient to
sterilize bottles, equipment, carboys, etc..?

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