From the HBD Archive
From: John Fitzgerald <johnf@ccgate.SanDiegoCA.NCR.COM>
Subject: question about mash conversion
Date: 1992-05-04 23:32:00 GMT

Hello fellow HBD'ers,

Having just started to include mashing as part of my brewing process,
I have come across a question I'm hoping some of you more experienced NET'ers
might be able to answer. I think I got pretty good starch conversion,
but iodine testing didn't give me the specific answer "YES, you are done"
that I was looking for. What I'm wondering is what would happen if the
starch hadn't converted to suger? Would sparging still result in a specific
gravity close to a normal one? Would I end up with a beer with lots of
unfermentables, not much alcohol, and flavor somewhat similar to wallpaper

Any insight is welcome and appreciated.


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