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From: CHUCKM@csg3.Prime.COM
Subject: unknown
Date: 1992-05-05 11:47:58 GMT

Dear HBDers.... Here is what I have been doing to re-use yeast. I would
appreciate any comments/advice, etc you might have..

During primary ferment at high kruesen I fill a mason jar with
wort and store it in the fridge. (jar has been sanitized with a chlorine
soak). This way the work is filled with active yeast. A day or so before
I am going to brew I take the jar out of the fridge and let it warm to room
temp. I make up a starter ( a pint or so of boiled wort) and add the contents
of the the mason jar. Within 12 hours or so the starter has a 'head' and I know
that the yeast is active.

So far I have used this technique with wyeast 1007. I have stored it in
my fridge for up to a few weeks but don't think longer storage would be a
problem. I am on my fourth batch
with the same yeast and have had no problems nor noticed anything
bad happening. One thing I did notice is that when opening the mason
jar before adding to the starter I may have a sour smell (rotten eggs).
This may be due to the the trapped gasses in the jar since the yeast was active
when stored. I used it anyway with no problems.

This method was recommended to me by my local brew supply shop.

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