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Subject: Strange smelling Lager
Date: 1992-05-04 17:56:25 GMT

I have brewed ales for the past 2 years. I have a second refridgerator now
and just begun brewing lagers, 2 batches, both seem to suffer from the same
problem. After bottling they have a strange odor, the taste is fine. I use a
refridgerator and Hunter Air Stat for a temperature controlled environment to
brew in. The odor reminds me of the smell inside the refrigerator when I
check on the brew during primary fermentation.
I use partial mash recipes, is this be like a cake mix with scratch frosting? ,
rack off the trub, ferment in glass and use liquid yeast, WYeast Bavarian. I
begin fermentation at 55 once active I step it down a degree per day to 50
after 15 to 20 days I rack into a glass secondary for lagering at 40 for 6 to
8 weeks. When it was time to bottle I tried to produce a starter culture from
the slurry I retained from the primary, no luck. I then purchased a new pak
of Bavarian yeast and made a starter culture. I poured about 15% of this and
3/4 cups corn sugar which was disolved in water and boiled for 5 minutes into
the beer and bottled. Two weeks later I tried the brew and it has this strange
smell. The other 85% of the starter was used in my second batch similar
recipe same fermentation process same bottling process same smell. Batch 3 is
fermenting and needs to be bottled soon any ideas on what is causing this
smell? How can I eliminate it in subsequent batches?
I added the yeast to the beer at bottling time per the suggestion in the
Noonan book on brewing lagers where he states that after long cold lagering the yeast may be very weak and a small population needs to be added for carbonation.

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