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From: (Anthony Rossini)
Subject: raspberry ale
Date: 1992-05-05 14:05:23 GMT

Thanks to all who sent in information. Seeing as that the ale is now 5 days
in the bottle, I thought I'd describe what I ended up doing (being from the
"I think that I'll add some more of that stuff" school of HB'ing, amounts
are probably +/- a bit... :-).):

5 lbs M&F light syrup
1/2 lb crystal (added in with water, removed just before boiling)
1 1/2 oz Cascade for boiling, 1/2 oz at the last 3 minutes of the
24oz frozen raspberries added right after I turned off the stove

OG about 1.039

Sat a week in the primary. Added 24oz more frozen raspberries into
the secondary, then added the wort (beer?). Didn't worry
about sulfiting or other forms of berry sanitizing...

Sat 2 weeks in the secondary.

FG about 1.010

So anyhow, 5 days later, I think that I might've put in more malt, maybe 1-2
more pounds. It is a light beer, plenty of berry flavor and smell, a nice
red color, and also tastes quite good (though I should qualify that by
saying that while I enjoy great beers, I've never turned down swill,

Anyhow, a bit more hops might've been nice, but definitely not necessary, as
someone suggested to me.

More berries might've over-powered the beer flavor, but increasing berries
with malt would probably give a decent full beer (I should state that I was
looking for something on the light/refreshing side, not too complex!)

Anyway, back to work...

p.s. another possibility would've been a wheat rasp beer... maybe next

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