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From: bnr-rsc!jim@uunet.UU.NET (Jim Somerville)
Subject: Brewer's Adjunct
Date: 1989-09-26 00:03:33 GMT

At DeFalco's, I recently bought a 1.2 kg container of stuff called
"Brewer's Adjunct". It was billed as newly available and the
adjunct that commercial breweries used (at least in Canada). It
is a transparent colourless syrup that is a lot like white corn
syrup, except that it tastes very neutral. It is sweet without
having any real taste. Does anyone know what it is? Could it
be rice syrup?

On the topic of pitching yeast, I sprinkled a package of Ironmaster
kit yeast into my last batch at 100 degrees F. It was the hottest
that I have ever pitched into, but it surprisingly had the best
primary fermentation yet (vigorous, but well behaved).
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