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From: (Scott Jay)
Subject: Beer - of course!
Date: 1992-05-05 16:49:34 GMT

A few people I work with and myself have formed a brewing
association - F.A.B. (Forestry Association of Brewers). Most of us are
fairly new to the art of brewing, so we do have some questions. I have been
receiving this digest for about two weeks and, although most of it really
does not pertain to us (we are CAKE MIX BREWERS!) it is certainly
interesting. Who knows, we may someday make a SCRATCH CAKE!
Anyway, we thought we'd try to find the answer to a question that
we've pondered over for quite awhile. :-) It may be a FAQ but here it is
anyway: What is the difference between different types of beer (i.e. lager,
ale, pilsner, draft, etc.).

p.s. If you are planning a trip to the most popular vacation spot in North
America, Prince Edward Island, Canada, this fall we are tentatively planning
an Octoberfest for Home Brewers (obviously some time in October). Let me know.


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