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Subject: Another yeast reuse data point
Date: 1992-05-05 15:01:57 GMT

As another point in the yeast reuse topic, I will share my experiences. I
have had great success reusing yeast slurry retained from the secondary. After
I siphon into my bottling bucket, I immediately put the stopper and airlock
back on the secondary fermenter. When I finish bottling, I sanitize a half
gallon glass jug and my funnel. I then flame the mouth of the carboy, swirl
the yeast back into suspension, and pour it through the funnel into the jug.
I then screw on the sanitized lid of the jug and put it in the refrigerator.
I have stored yeast in this manner for as long as a month and a half and had
no problems with it starting or producing undesirable charcteristics. I have
also re-used yeast with this method up to three consecutive times with no ill

Another method I have success with is to pour the dregs of several bottles
of my homebrew into a single Grolsch bottle and store in the fridge. I then
pitch this into a starter solution when I'm ready to brew and off it goes. I
have a copy of Jeff Frane's yeast washing article in my brewing notebook from
the first time he posted it. I fully intend to start washing my yeast before
reuse someday but I have been successful thus far without it.

And finally, a story:

Once there was a beautiful apple. It was a joy to all who happened upon
it. The pleasure derived from it seemed endless to all who partook of it.
Then one day, unnoticed at first, a worm crept into the apple. It immediately
began vomiting forth corruption, causing a rotting of part of the apple. Its
unceasing toil was to try and corrupt the whole of the beautiful apple, much as
it had been able to do in other apples it frequented. At times, the apple
seemed in danger of rotting completely, so quickly the corruption had spread.
Many who once derived great joy from it began to loathe and despise its
condition. It would always fight back from the brink of total corruption and
become nearly as whole and wonderful as it once was. The worm, however, still
frequented it and threatened to turn it into just another apple rotting on the
branch. The apple must use all of its strength and all of that which is good
within it to combat this tragic possibility. In the end, the worm cannot rot
the entire apple unless the apple relents to rottenness. May the apple remain
strong and beautiful and leave the worm to wallow in the corruption it spews

- --
Guy McConnell
"And the beer I had for breakfast wasn't bad, so I had one for dessert"

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