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From: ingr!ingr!b11!mspe5!guy@uunet.UU.NET
Subject: Re: Grolsch gaskets
Date: 1992-05-06 14:01:05 GMT writes:

> I am planning on bottling a batch this weekend using for the first time
> some Grolsch type bottles (actually Fischer's bottles), that I have
> accumulated over the last couple of months. I seem to recall seeing in
> an article on HBD that one should replace the gaskets on such bottles
> before using them the first time. Is the true? If so what is the reason
> for it?

I have quite a few Grolsch bottles that I typically use to bottle stouts
and "special" beers in. These bottles have had around 5 batches in them and
the gaskets have never been replaced. In my last batch, a stout, I had one
bottle out of 40 that developed almost no carbonation and I suspect that the
gasket on that one either needs replacing or did not get seated properly when
I bottled. All of the rest of them carbonated perfectly. The undercarbonated
beer tasted fine, just rather flat. I therefore offer that the gaskets need
replacing only when they show signs of cracking or other type of wear. You
certainly should not need to replace them on your bottles since they have been
used only once to bottle commercial beer in. Of course, if it makes you feel
better, the gaskets are readily available...

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Guy McConnell
"Now I'm going outside to have an ice cold beer in the shade"

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