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From: Malt-Fermenter Gelly <GELLY@VAXA.CIS.UWOSH.EDU>
Subject: HBD'ers meet in Brewtown
Date: 1992-05-06 16:15:00 GMT

Hey folks,

If I may have missed the final decision, sorry to be redundant, but...
Has a final meeting place for HBD'ers at the AHA conference been decided
on? I may have missed one or two issuses in the last month, and I know
there was talk of a "get-together", but I never saw the issue resolved.
I also recall talk of a special "sign" to let us recognize each other
(i.e. a sticker of some sort on the nametags). Is this idea still on?

Again, if all this has already been decided, humor me and send me an
e-mail. ;-)

Relaxing quite comfortably,

Mitch Gelly

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"And in the end, you spat me out, you could not chew me up..." - Mick J.
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