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From: smithey@rmtc.Central.Sun.COM (Brian Smithey)
Subject: MBC yeast
Date: 1992-05-06 16:40:39 GMT

>>>>> In HBD #876, writes:

Mike> It's been a while since I've tried Eye of the Hawk, but I seriously
Mike> doubt that the yeast is anything at all like the Chimay culture.
Mike> It's hard to tell yeast by appearance.

Agreed, and I'm certainly no expert, but when I had a bottle a
few months ago the yeast was easily disturbed from the bottom
of the bottle (unlike the sticky Red Tail yeast), and it broke
up into a bunch of little yeast "pebbles". The only other times
I've seen yeast do this is in Chimay, and homebrew that a friend
made from yeast he cultured from a Chimay bottle.

Perhaps MBC is maintaining their own yeast, cultured from Chimay?
The aforementioned friend, no longer on the net, visited MBC a
couple of years back, if I can find anything out from talking
with him I'll report back.

Mike> Mike McNally

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Brian Smithey / Sun Microsystems / Colorado Springs, CO

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