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Subject: Re: Chimay...Not:-)
Date: 1992-05-06 18:26:00 GMT

[ Sayeth Glenn Tinseth <tinsethg@UCS.ORST.EDU> : ]

Wow, that's news to me. (Vague memory warning: ON) I always
thought that Chimay was finally isolated down to one yeast by Fr.
Theodore(SP?) at the abbey.

You may be right; I was re-stating a rumor. I will retract that.

This led to a great improvement in their consistentency.
Jackson sez that Orval, on the other hand, does use 5 different
yeasts at different stages in the brewing process.

I have never been successful at reculturing Orval. I've just found a
source for 750ml bottles of Grimbergen, and those seem to have a healthy
amount of yeast in them. Chimay is, however, unbelievable.

The new Belgian Ale strain from Wyeast is a monoculture and is
according to Dave (the owner) from Chimay.

My local homebrew shop hasn't bought any because they're unsure of the
volume they'd sell. Urrrgh; how will they know if they don't get some?

Mike McNally
Digital Equipment Corporation
Western Software Lab

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