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Subject: Re: fining without cruelty
Date: 1992-05-06 08:57:00 GMT

Thanks to all those who responded so promptly to my posting about
fining beer without using animal products. The consensus was that
Irish Moss in the boil, and/or fining with Bentonite, agar or
Polyclar is the best solution. I already use Irish Moss, and I'll
probably try adding Polyclar to the secondary fermenter a few
days before racking into barrel. This has the advantage that for
a trial run I can "borrow" a few grams of Polyclar from the lab -
we use it for adsorbing polyphenols from homogenized plant
tissue to reduce inhibition of enzyme activity. One concern I have
is that Polyclar may remove some of the arome, taste, feel, colour, etc
in addition to removing haze. We shall see. Incidentally, Polyclar
is a trade name for poly(vinylpyrrolidone) - not quite
Reinheitsgebot, but if you're worried about putting synthetic
chemicals in your beer, just remember that there are probably far
nastier things in hop resins.

[P.S. In answer to Chris Campanelli's question (I tried to
respond directly but my mailing bounced back with a "no such
user" message): as far as I know, there is no British equivalent
of HBD - at least on JANET, the academic network. There may be
an interest group on a commercial network such as
Telecom Gold, but I don't have access.]

Andy Phillips
AFRC-IACR Long Ashton Research Station
Bristol, UK

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