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Subject: Calcium Chloride
Date: 1992-05-06 19:54:17 GMT

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> A while back I believe there was a discussion on where to get Calcium
> Chloride. What was the final outcome? Does anybody know where to buy
> Calcium Choride?


Seems to me that crystaline stuff you buy at the hardware store to
sprinkle on you iced-up driveway in the winter is calcium chloride.
Another name for it is rock salt. I doubt they add anything to it -
probably just crush it up. Be sure you check the ingredients if you
plan to use this in beer (?!). You obviously don't want to use any
of those weird chemicals they also sell for melting ice.

Another possible source is at a water softener *type* store
(Culligan?). I think they use calcium chloride to soften hard water,
and I imagine this is "Food grade." When I need wierd chemicals (not
too often!) I usually try the chem supply dept at Lehigh University.
The last time I got something there, I was after dry ice! Maybe
there's a college in your area that could supply it. Who knows, maybe
even a good pharmacy carries it!

Good luck!


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