From the HBD Archive
From: Darren Evans-Young <>
Subject: Reusing Yeast / Hot Break / Starch Test
Date: 1992-05-06 20:07:47 GMT

Reusing Yeast:

I've been reusing my yeast now for 5 batches. I always taste the beer
when transferring to the secondary to see if I notice any off flavors.
So far, everything is going good. When I dump the new batch of beer
on top of the yeast cake, I have a kraeusen (sp?) covering the surface
within 2 hours! The more I reuse the yeast, the faster the beer seems
to ferment. The beer taste good though. You MUST be up on your
sanitation procedures if you plan on doing this. BTW, I'm using William's
Burton Ale yeast. I'm not sure what Wyeast strain this translates to.
Anybody know?

Hot Break:

To remove your beer from the hot break after boiling, rapidly (without
aerating) stir your wort in one direction to get a nice low pressure
area in the center, then cover your wort and let sit for 15-30 mins.
This whirlpooling will cause most, if not all, the hot break material
to settle into a nice cone in the center of your boiler. After 30 minutes,
I can usually see all the way to the bottom of the boiler toward the
outside with a flashlight. Simply siphon from this area. I use a
counterflow chiller. Since I've started doing this, I've let my cooled
wort sit in a sanitized container for 2 hours to let any break material
settle, and the has been NONE! I now skip this step.

Starch Test:

To get an idea of what your iodine starch test will tell you, take the
test immediately after doughing in your grain. You can use this reaction
as a reference. My last batch I started using a thicker mash and the
starch test was misleading. I'm still investigating the cause of this.
Could have been husk material or I could have screwed up my mash somehow.


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