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From: (Douglas DeMers)
Subject: Say it ain't so, Joe! (Re: MTHVAX ARCHIVES)
Date: 1992-05-06 21:24:00 GMT

In HOMEBREW Digest #877 Wed 06 May 1992:

>The archives at mthvax will be ending soon, and the gatewaying of
>the homebrew digest to rec.crafts.brewing will also cease.


This is indeed sad news for the net.homebrewing community. Andrew,
you've provided a very valuable service to homebrewers, and I thank you
for your efforts through the years. The archives at mthvax have been
an important resource for beginning and experienced brewers alike.

Of vital consideration to the HBD/rec.crafts.brewing community is:

1) Do we want the HBD automatically gatewayed to rec.crafts.brewing as
it has been for these many months?
2) Are there any other internet sites with anonymous ftp access
willing to pick up and carry forward the homebrewing archives?
3) While we're at it, the issue of the continuance of HBD itself has
arisen recently. Rob Gardner, the HBDigest Coordinator (thanks
Rob!) has mentioned that HP has been making unfriendly noises about
the volume of mail passing through HP having to do with the HBD.

It may make sense to have the HBD automatically gatewayed from into rec.crafts.brewing and e-mailed only to those
people who do not have a news-feed which carries r.c.b.

I've snarfed all the current archives from mthvax and have locally
added the incoming issues not stored at mthvax (incoming stops at issue
872 : 92/04/27 03:09:52 : 378), but alas, the internet machine I use
does not have anonymous access, nor is it likely it ever will. Any
volunteer sites? I hope there will be a transition time before "the
plug is pulled" on the homebrewing archives at mthvax...
Douglas DeMers, | (408-746-8546) |
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