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From: "Stephen Hansen" <hansen@gloworm.Stanford.EDU>
Subject: Homebrew archives transfered.
Date: 1992-05-07 07:08:00 GMT

In HBD 877 Andrew Mossberg wrote that the archives at
would be ending soon. In fact it appears that HBD 872 was the last one
deposited in the incoming directory. This has prompted me to finish what
I started almost a year ago which was to copy the entire homebrew archive
from mthvax to Sierra.Stanford.EDU ( The transfer is complete
and I have brought it up to date. Sierra is not yet running a netlib
server so ftp is the only way to access the archive at present. I will
let you all know once I have netlib service available.

Many thanks to Andrew for the fine job of maintaining the archive for so
long. While I've been a systems admin for more years than I care to think
about, this is the first time I've tried to maintain an archive like this,
so please bear with me.

Stephen Hansen

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