From the HBD Archive
From: (Walter H. Gude)
Subject: Caloric Content of HB
Date: 1992-05-07 13:56:26 GMT

The other day after an exhusting hour of raquetball, I sat slumped against the
wall nursing a Gatorade. Glancing at the "Contents" I noticed "Water, High
Fuctose Corn Syrup, Dextrose......" and not much else. So this great
sports drink is basically sugar water. Furthur, this 16 oz bottle contained
100 calories. This got me thinking about the "beer belly". Would drinking
a "Milwieser" Light with about 100 calories cause any more belly than the
Gatorade I was currently drinking?

Now, given the 100 cal in a light and then approx. 150 cal. in normal american
swill, how many calories can I expect my normal 1.045 O.G. => 1.010 F.G.
homebrew to have? How does one determine the caloric content of anything? Is
this possible to do at home?

"Homebrew, gives your body what it's thirty for."

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