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From: (Jeff Frane)
Subject: A Couple of Answers & A Question
Date: 1992-05-07 16:33:37 GMT

> From: Now we will gnaw on their skulls <SELBYR@MEENA.CC.UREGINA.CA>
> Subject: bad beer?
Roger asks if he's beer from last September was bad. Taste it, Roger.
Unless there's something visibly growing on it, you ought to just taste
it and see if it's worth bottling. (The only thing likely growing on it
is mold.) You may need to pitch some fresh yeast along with the priming
sugar; whatever was in the beer has undoubtedly flocculated out by now.

The odds of anything BAD growing in the beer (pathogenic) are slim to
zip. If the beer smells really foul (or even just unpleasant), toss it
out; it's not worth the bother of bottling.

> From: (Scott Weintraub)
> Does anyone know where one might obtain treacle in the US?
> I want to make a close approximation of Old Peculier, and apparently
> need treacle.
Treacle is apparently the British name for molasses. I have been
assured this by Brits. On the other hand, if you _insist_ on using
treacle, I know F. H. Steinbart, here in Portland, carries tins of

> From: R_GELINAS@UNHH.UNH.EDU (Russ Gelinas)
> Subject: yeast, NA
> Couple of questions: First, for Jeff F., in your yeast cleaning
> directions, step 4 says to agitate the water/yeast/trub mixture "until
> obvious separation is noticeable" and then to pour off the yeast in
> suspension. Is this a quick process, or should the jar sit for a while
> to separate?

As I recall, this process takes about five or ten minutes.


I will be arriving in Milwaukee sometime on the ninth of June (probably
in the evening) and will not be staying at the hotel until the following
night (esp. at $70 a pop!). Is there a homebrewer in the Milwaukee area
who could put me up for the night? (I figure the people at Sprecher
would probably throw me out at closing time, so that idea's out.)

Any help would be appreciated. This is a budget cruncher.

- --Jeff

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