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From: avalon! (Jeff Mizener)
Subject: Old Peculier - New Peculiar
Date: 1992-05-08 21:18:29 GMT

In response to Scott's ( question about obtaining treacle
to imitate Old Peculier (a traditional Yorkshire Ale), I thought the following to be of general interest:

You can find treacle at fancy grocery stores, or from
American Brewmaster in Raleigh (mailorder). The treacle I used was
made by Lyons, the same people that make Golden Syrup. If you can't
find treacle, try unsulphured molasses (find treacle...).

I have made a stab at O.P. based on the Elbro Nertke Brown Ale
recipe from Papazian:

New Peculiar

6.6# dark extract
1/2# crystal malt
1/4# black patent malt
1.5oz fuggles 45min boil (pellets)
0.5oz fuggles 10 min boil (pellets)
2 tsp 'water crystals'
1 tsp irish moss
Whitbread Ale Yeast
1/2C black treacle

Put malts into a boiling bag and place into 2.5g cold water.
Bring to boil and remove, sloshing about and draining well
(as one would with a [giant] tea bag).
Add extract, 1.5oz fuggles and boil 45 minutes. During
the last 10 minutes add the remaining hops. Cool (I take
my pot outside and put it in a baby bathtub full of circulating
cold water from the garden hose). Rack into a carboy and add
yeast (I started the yeast with cooled-boiled water but recently
I have taken to putting the yeast directly into the warm wort).
I let it go for 4 days then racked into a second carboy where
it sat for another week before bottling. Bottle as usual.
SG: 1.055, FG: 1.016

Result: very nice, matured well. Dark but not black, could
use some more body, but definitely not thin, lightly burnt
taste (my wife's words) that I attribute to the black patent
malt. Tasty. Not lawnmower beer. And it was only my 4th batch...

I now have a treacle amber ale fermenting (New Peculier Lite?)
in the secondary. Bottling is scheduled for this weekend.

Hopfen und Malz, Gott erhalt's.

Jeff Mizener / Siemens Energy & Automation / Raleigh NC / Intelligent SwitchGear Systems
(reply to this address, not the one in the header!!)

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