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From: Jay Hersh <>
Subject: EZ mash tuns
Date: 1992-05-08 21:43:25 GMT

I went with the 5 gallon Gott cooler approach.
$25 for the cooler. to replace the spigot get a 3/8 inch to 3/8 inch
right angle compression fitting and 6 ft of 3/8 copper coil.You'll
also need a 3/8 female threaded spigot (the type you find underneath
sinks and toilets). It is best to get the kind with a right angle
(like the simple diagram below) so the knob is easily accessed.

flow in -> -------| <- knob
| <- flow out

Simply screw out the spigot. Tighten the coil on the 3/8 copper coil tubing.
get a hacksaw and cut slots in the bottom of the tubing every 1/4 - 1/2 inch.
mount the outer end of the coil in the compression end of the compression
fitting. Pop this into the cooler, and put the compression fitting through the
grommet where the spigot used to be. On the other side srew on the new 3/8 in
threaded spigot you bought. This sytem works best with a 6.7 gallon size
nylon sparge bag.

I spent less than $40 on the whole setup. It loses less than 2 degrees
temperature over an hour and is perfect for doing 3-6 gallon batches
(depends on the OG you seek) as you can sparge up to 5 gallons and 12-15 lbs of
grain in it. It sets a nice grain bed, and with a collander and bottling bucket
(kind with a spigot) you can set up a nice sparge. Also re-circulation of
the wort is pretty easy as well.

Happy mashing


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Hopfen und Malz, Gott erhalts

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