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From: "Karl F. Lutzen" <>
Subject: Cat's Meow, Archives, Homebrewing in MO
Date: 1992-05-11 14:48:56 GMT

Three big topics from the quiet one today:

1. Please don't bug Rob about The Cat's Meow. Since I helped in creating
this monster, please send all email regarding The Cat's Meow directly to me
at the internet address below. I will make an attempt to answer email as
quickly as possible, but as I get swamped with work with no warning, delays
are inevitable.

2. Stephen Hansen said in HBD 878 that he has transferred the archives to
a system of his. Nothing was mentioned if this was the official new home
for the HBD. As we are getting several new unix systems here, and I
will be the local administrator, I may be able to set up an archive.
I already have all the files from mthvax and have placed them in .ZIP
files for DOS folks, so I will offer my services to at least maintain a
backup site (when the systems get here).

3. Since 1939 it has been illegal in Missouri to brew beer or make
wine with out a manufacturers license. As I am in Missouri,
I have been talking with my reps, a homebrew club (Hi Andy!) as well
as the AHA. According to my well informed sources, our Governor *WILL
VETO* any bill coming across his desk trying to legalize homebrewing.
However, this is his final term and in January of 93, we get a new
Governor. I have asked my Rep to toss the proposed bill out onto the floor
the day after the new Governor takes over. I will be keeping the world
informed as to the progress (none right now as there are no bills that we
could ammend.) BTW: It is legal to brew up to 3.2% beer as it is not
defined as an "Intoxicating Liquor". (Yes sir. I am planning to dilute
this to 3.2% when I bottle it. :-)

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