From the HBD Archive
From: (Aaron Birenboim)
Subject: Re: fining
Date: 1992-05-11 14:44:56 GMT

In the HBD I recieved may 11, Andy Phillips said:

>... fining with Bentonite, agar or
>Polyclar is the best solution.

I know about polyclar... but how should one use agar or bentonite?
I have agar-agar flakes (from the chineese food isle... eden foods)
for making yeast culture media. How would i fine with agar?
Boil it and pitch the liquid? How much should i use.

And... what the heck is Bentonite? Around denver, co there is a lot
of talk about a clay called bentonite. It appears that houses built
on bentonite have a tendency to shift and sink into the earth!
How might a clay product be used in beer !?!?


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