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From: "Robert Haddad" <>
Subject: co2 tank pressure
Date: 1992-05-11 16:44:32 GMT

>>>> In HBD #878 <rnapholz@PICA.ARMY.MIL> writes:

> Is there a minimal pressure for a co2 tank. The regulator that came
> with my tank ranges for 0 to 2000 pounds it came with 1000# of co2.
> From 0 to 500 the guage reads refill(read zone) i now have about
> 800#. So the question is can i run the tank down to 12psi with out
> effecting the quality of the beer.

I have just had my CO2 tank refilled for the first time since I
bought it over a year ago. I estimate I have "lifted" about 20
cornelius kegs of (sugar) primed beer with the 5 lb or so of CO2 that
originally came with the tank.

Although I remember reading somewhere that one should refill the tank
before it is totally empty, I didn't have the chance. I used it
one evening till it was totally empty with no ill effect to tank, keg
or brew.

Incidentally, refilling it to 800 psi cost be $12.50. I now have a T
connector with two valves, so I can dispense two different brews

Robert Haddad

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