From the HBD Archive
From: (Thomas Manteufel 5-4257)
Subject: diacetyl, anyone?
Date: 1992-05-11 17:31:40 GMT

I want to produce a Scottish Ale with lots of diacetyl. What I propose to
do is modify the pitching and fermentation procedure to make the yeast
produce a lot up front, and then not reduce it to diols. I would use
Whitebread Ale, and make a starter to get a good healthy colony going.
Pitch the yeast when the wort is still on the warm side (75F) [24C] and aerate
like crazy to get lots of oxygen into the wort. Ferment cool (55F-60F)
[13C-15C] and bottle as soon as possible, without letting the beer go through
secondary fermentation.
So, all you power brewers, does this sound reasonable? Is there a better
way to get diacetyl? Has anyone ever done this, and do you have any tips to
Thank You,
Thomas Manteufel

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