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From: (John Hartman)
Subject: Oregon Brewer's Fest Date
Date: 1992-05-11 16:36:41 GMT

Could someone who knows please post the date of this summer's Oregon Brewer's
Festival? I'd appreciate it as I plan on being there.

Also Darren asks about the lineage of William's Burton Ale Yeast. I've
used that yeast in the past and wondered same. I called William's and
asked. They claim that it's their own strain produced specifically
for them by Wyeast. I.e., there's no equivalent Wyeast #. Based on my
observations, it doesn't appear to be either Wyeast #1098 (Whitbread) or
1028. The same situation applies to their English Brewery Yeast. Perhaps
there's someone the knowledgeable Jeff Frane could ask...

Well now that I'm posting I guess I should mention that I just got back
from England and yes I tasted quite a few beers. I visited the Young's
Ram Brewery in Wandsworth, London. I you ever are there, you must
visit them. The hospitality was spectacular and they're very open and
forthright about their brewing. When I mentioned that I was a brewer,
I was taken to the laboratory, where the chemist innoculated my slants
and answered my questions. Later, in the tasting room, I and the six
others on the tour were joined by two of the five brewers and by the
the acting chairman, Mr. James Young. We chatted and discussed brewing
while consuming many of their fine beers for some two hours. As Wayne
Campbell would say, "excellent" and after learning about their brewing,
"I did not no that". Upon leaving they were kind enough to send me off
with a six pack of my choosing. If you go, you'll have to make
a reservation in advance by phoning Mrs. Betty Moran any Monday betw. 11am
and 1pm London time. I don't have the number at the office but have it
if someone would like it.

I'm brewing a batch of IPA with their ale yeast now. It's a slow-burning true
top fermenter. After six and one half days, the krausen is still riding the beer.
I've not had a yeast stay so long atop before. Perhaps it has to do with
having been recently cultured from the slant, but I don't think so. The brewers
told me that they don't even krausen their beer. They simply cask it and let
it finish in the cask. If others are interested I could provide this
culture on slants. Right now though I'm waiting to see how the IPA
comes out.

Here's to a healthy apple,

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