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From: JCOWAN@s55.Prime.COM
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Date: 1992-05-12 14:21:26 GMT

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From: Jim Cowan (jcowan@s55.Prime.COM)
Date: 12 May 92 9:18 AM
Subject: Brewing with Maple Syrup

Scott asks:

>So, has anyone out there ever heard of maple beer or anything of the sort?
>Would it be any good?
>Would it be worth the money?

One of my all time favorite brews was made using a pound of Maple Syrup
in place of a pound of malt extract. I used it in a 'standard' ale
recipe. (I have never made the exact same brew twice. I may not
have consistency, but I have FUN.) I doubt you would want to ferment
100% Maple syrup. It is far too close to pure sugar. It would also
be incredibly expensive. I would hesitate to go more than 25% Maple
syrup. What I used translates to about 15%. As far as using Maple
Syrup as flavoring, DO IT. I think you'll enjoy it.

Jim Cowan

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