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From: JLAWRENCE@UH01.Colorado.EDU
Subject: Newbie brewer questions, wort chillers
Date: 1992-05-12 14:06:53 GMT

I am a relatively new brewer, and have been reading the HBD
for about 2 months, trying simply to get a grip on the terminology.
I will be the first to admit that I do not spend a whole lot of time
on brewing. With a full-time job and 2 small children, this has to
be, at least for now, a hobby, not an avocation. My goal is to brew
good (not necessarily superior) beer in a relatively simple manner.

Anyway, I have some questions, which are probably pretty
elementary to most of you contributors. However, answers would be

1. I am using a single-stage fermenter. Pros/cons? Seems
to work great, with no necessity for transferring to another
container part way through the process.

2. I have a book called "Home Beermaking" by William Moore.
It appears that he recommends pouring the hot wort into the fer-
menter and cooling there. I usually cool in the pot, then
transfer. Any comments?

3. Speaking of transferring, should I pour the whole pot
into the fermenter, "sludge" and all, or should I attempt not to
dump in that stuff? What is it, anyway? Is this the hot/cold
break stuff I've been reading about?

4. I have cooled the wort 2 ways: by sitting it in a bath
of cold water, and by simply letting the pot sit overnight. Haven't
had any problems with contamination either way, with about 20 batches
under my belt. What are the pros/cons of using a wort chiller? Seems
like a huge waste of water, and living here in the West, that's of

5. Miller also recommends boiling the priming sugar with water
before mixing it in. Is this necessary? I've always just dumped it
into the brew before bottling, with find results.

6. Does anyone have any guess on whether our mile-high altitude
has any effect on thee specific gravity? Can't remember my high
school chemistry. I tried a recipe this weekend and have a 5 degree
higher starting gravity than expected.

I got an order from William's last week with a special flyer
inserted. They've got various stuff on sale through June 30,
including an "imperfect wort chiller" for $21.90. It's billed as
the same quality as their regular chillers except not as pretty.
Phone (510)895-2739; P.O. Box 2195, San Leandro CA 94577.

By the way, I use a pot designed for canning to brew in. Got
it at McGuckins in Boulder, a terrific "we've got everything"
hardware store.

Thanks for your help.


Thanks much for your help.

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