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From: "Robert Haddad" <>
Subject: Fruit beers
Date: 1992-05-12 14:13:47 GMT

>>> (John Devenezia) writes:

> My question is this; when and how do _you_ add
> berries or fruit to _your_ beer. I know there is no right
> or wrong here, I'm just curious as to first hand accounts.
> I've seen some recipes call for steeping the berries in the
> just boiled and cooling wort. Other recipes say to add the
> berries to the secondary fermenter. I'm sure there are even
> more way to add fruits or berries to beer.

I have made a couple of raspberry ales with surplus bright red
raspberries from my backyard. In both cases, I pitched them early in
the boil, so they were in there for an hour or so, by which time the
raspberries were completely "dissolved" in the wort.

I racked the wort in the fermenter, and all (or most) fruity residue
settled at the bottom along with the yeast. The ale is still
amber, little or no hint of raspberry _flavor_, but the aroma of
hops and berries is out of this world. The head also has a
slight reddish hue.

I have read lately of people pitching their berries along with thei
aroma hops. I will try this approach in a couple of months, when the
berries are ripe!

Robert Haddad

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