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Subject: Lagering in Cornelius Kegs
Date: 1992-05-12 15:12:29 GMT

Kieran O'Connor <OCONNOR%SNYCORVA.bitnet>askes about Lagering in Cornelius Kegs

>Can anyone out there give me a primer on how to do this?

Some of my best beers are a result of lagering in cornelius or regular SS kegs.
I usually don't prime, I just force CO2 into it at slow intervals at low
pressure (as I recollect about 16 psi at 34 d F.) till it stops taking it (i.e.
when I hook up the gas, the headspace is @ 16 psi already).

> How 'bout C02 buildup?

I've never had a problem with it, if its fermented out pretty well (I only do
this with classic lager style beers, so theres not a ton-o-unfermentables left
like in a sweet stout:)

>Is there a problem with sediment because they would be on their sides?

I consider this an advantage, the yeast tends to stick to the sides of the
cornelius keg and if you upright it gently it stays there. The yeast has such
a shorter distance to fall, it makes for quick clearing, this may not be
important depending on your lagering time.

>How about aeration during transportation to the freezer (30 miles away)?

I always hook CO2 to the pickup tube and blow the air out of the keg before I
fill it. If you transport it then, what you will get is a small amount of
carbonation (vrs oxidation).

>How 'bout anything answers to anything else I forgot to ask?

If you prime, be sure to put a little CO2 pressure (~5-7 psi) on the keg to
'seal' the seals, I've had trouble with the seating of the large 'O' rings
leaking and killing the priming. If its on its side the beer should seal it
but I dont take the chance.

John L. Isenhour

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