From the HBD Archive
Subject: Re: Diacetyl
Date: 1992-05-12 15:26:00 GMT

Bottling "as soon as possible, without letting the beer go through
secondary fermentation" as Thomas suggests is not the right way to
go (I feel). Either the sugars will all be used up by the yeast or
not. If not, then beer grenades. What you need to do is to first
choose a yeast that produces a lot of diacetyl. There is a sheet
from Wyeast Labs that you should be able to get from your supplier
that gives the approximate attenuation, diacetyl production and some
other comments on each yeast. Then, when the initial fermentation
has died down, get much of the yeast to drop out of solution by using
finings, such as gelatine. Some of the diacetyl will be reduced, but
the lower concentration of yeast will leave more diacetyl in the beer.

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