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From: "Rad Equipment" <rad_equipment@rad-mac1.ucsf.EDU>
Subject: Conference Markers
Date: 1992-05-12 03:20:41 GMT

Subject: Conference Markers Time:11:02 AM Date:5/12/92
>Date: Mon, 11 May 92 10:24 CDT
>Subject: The Scarlet Letter
>As Mitch mentioned, there have been several suggestions for
>identifying oneself as a HB Digester. The original one,
>was a self-imposed red (or scarlet) "H" on our badges. For
>the sake of simplicity, I vote that we go with this, original

I offered this once without response, so I'll give it one more try.

I am willing to come up with a unique small sticker which could be added to
nametags of Digesters JudgeNetters and CI$ Forum members. In fact, I'll do it
without any response from the Net. Just look me up at the conference and I'll
give you one.


Russ Wigglesworth CI$: 72300,61
|~~| UCSF Medical Center Internet: Rad
|HB|\ Dept. of Radiology, Rm. C-324 Voice: 415-476-3668 / 474-8126 (H)
|__|/ San Francisco, CA 94143-0628

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