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From: Jacob Galley <>
Subject: he Mappelbrau experience
Date: 1992-05-12 19:23:26 GMT

From: (Scott Weintraub)

> If honey is fermentable into something quite tasty, why not Maple Syrup?
> So, has anyone out there ever heard of maple beer or anything of the sort?
> Would it be any good?
> Would it be worth the money?

MMMMMaybe. . . . I tried a bottle of a friend's "Mappelbrau" (no umlaut
but say "maple" anyway), which was strange enough that I can't
remember whether I even *liked* it enough. His recipe was a light ale
kit, plus too much maple syrup. Basically, it tasted like maple syrup
smells, except it wasn't sweet. My! If you do this, I suggest you
start with something stronger-tasting than a light ale, like maybe an
imperial stout. And be conservative with the maple! And don't use
processed syrup! (I am assuming that fermented Miz Butterworth would
be at least as nasty as any other fermented substance with artificial
ingredients.) And whatever you do, AGE IT! In months previous to my
sampling, Mappelbrau had perplexed and nonplussed many people braver
than I.

Good luck and have fun,

PS - Sorry I don't know how much maple syrup he used. I'd start with
say half a cup and work from there.

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