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From: S94WELKER@usuhs
Subject: Re: Maple Beer
Date: 1992-05-13 05:17:00 GMT

Scott Weintraub asks about maple beer.
I have read about the possibility fo such beer in Papazian, who basically says
"it's not worth it." Then, when I finally met the man, another brewer was
offering him a taste of the very thing...maple beer, with 20% of the
fermentable sugar supplied by fresh Vermont Maple syrup (about $15 worth...1.5
lbs or a little less). I tasted it too, and the maple note was very prominent,
but mixed poorly with the very mild hop flavor. The maltiness of the medium
amber ale on which the beer was based was quite pleasant as a background to the
malt. Charlie commented he would use almost no hops (I might suggest dry
hopping only with an aromatic variety like Saaz or Hallertauer), and add
sweetness with ~1lb of crystal malt.
I think even more sweetness would be called for...try adding some unfermentable
sugar (lactose, dextrin). I would also use a small amount of roasted barley
to darken the color, improving the visual impression of the 'Mapleness'.
The taste buds of my mind would avoid using black patent malt to darken--the
smokier flavors (as compared to roasted barley) don't sound good mixed with

Good luck--let us know how it turns out!
- --Scott Welker

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