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From: eisen@kopf.HQ.Ileaf.COM (Carl West)
Subject: Growing Hops
Date: 1992-05-13 14:54:52 GMT

1. Growing pattern -- Straight up is best, that's where they want to
go. They climb by twining, they don't have grippers like ivy, so, no,
they won't climb the side of your house. Give them a length of twine to
climb. If you're going to use poles, they should be 10+ feet tall,
you'll probably want to put them in more than a foot. A suggestion I'm
trying is to drive 4 foot iron bars into the ground and lash my poles
to them, it's s'posed to make harvest time easier.

2. When should they be planted? ASAP, I'm in the Boston area and I got
mine in in May last year, my tallest reached about 8 feet and yielded
about 1/8oz. this year should be better.

3. Light requirements -- direct sun, minimum half a day.

4. Soil requirements --???

5. Root (rhizome) depth --???

6. Recommended planting distance --2-3 feet for same-kind, 6+ between
different kinds (so you can keep track of what's what)

7. Fertilization schedule? ???

8. How many should we plant? 4-6 rhizomes

9. How do you "winter" the hop plants? Let die,trim down, then cover
with straw and manure.

10. Watering requirements -- Well drained, but lots o' water. I don't
think they like mud, but they do like water. Mulching helps.

That's what I know about it.


When I stop learning, bury me.

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