From the HBD Archive
From: "Joe McCauley" <>
Subject: Pre-boiling
Date: 1992-05-13 23:21:12 GMT

Greetings. I have been an extract brewer for the last few years, but
plan to move up to mash/extract in the near future and eventually to

Early on I began the practice of pre-boiling and chilling the water used
in the brew. This will kill any beasties in the water supply, and will
remove other chemicals that may be present in trace amounts and which
are bad for your beer. However, I've only been pre-boiling the water
that gets added in the fermenter, not the water used in the wort boil.
Of course, I bring this water to a boil anyway before I add the extract,
but when I use specialty grains I steep them in the water before it ever
comes to a boil. Is there any reason to use pre-boiled water in this

On to there any advantage to using pre-boiled water in the
mash? What about the sparge water? How about the water I use to take a
shower the night before? Oh, sure, I could just stop worrying and boil
it all, but I'd rather not spend the time and the electricity (or gas)
if there's no reason for it. Thanks for any information.

Joe McCauley

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