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From: (Sterling Udell)
Subject: rec.crafts.brewing and HBD
Date: 1992-05-14 01:39:39 GMT

I would strongly vote against the HBD being replaced with r.c.b, for a
number of reasons.

First, the accessibility. Internet, Bitnet, et al access is MUCH more
common and easy to come by than Usenet access. For many people, this
(the HBD) is the only way that they could participate in such a forum.

Second, the reliability. In my experience, news feeds are are a
tricky and undependable thing. At several sites I've been at, the
news came quite sporadically, and the ordering of the messages was
site-dependent as well. How many times have you Usenet users read
dozens of replies to a single message, and then have the original show
up much later? Or not at all? I know I've seen that a LOT. Internet
mail, in contrast, goes through like the USMail should. Except for
the rare occasions when something breaks on Rob's machine, I can count
on my HBD every day.

Third, the attitude. This may be just me (though I have reason to
think otherwise) but . . . Usenet seems MUCH more flammable than
Internet digests are. With a few exceptions, the HBD has been a
sober (well mostly :) group with an excellent s/n ratio - much better
than the times I've followed r.c.b.

Well, I guess I can climb down off my soapbox now, and slake my thirst
with a cool ale. Ahhh, that's better. Other opinions?

- --
Sterling Udell (, sterling@gandalf.bitnet)
Big Dog Brewing Cooperative - Eastern Division
"In the Fine Tradition of Armageddon . . ."
- Big Dog Ragnarok Oatmeal Bock

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