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From: (Jeff J. Miller)
Subject: Hop poles
Date: 1992-05-14 13:33:56 GMT

Sorry I didn't think of mentioning it earlier, but I think I found
a truely great way to grow/harvest hops. Make a flag pole and run
the hop strings up it for growing, and lower for harvest.

I did this this year by taking 4 10' 2x4's and joined them with LOTS
of screws to make a 20' 4x4. Then I rigged it with two sets of
pulleys (needed to run a flag as well as hops :) and planted it 5
feet in the ground. Finally, I attached a 2" ring on the hop side
cord and then attached strings to the ring. Finally I took staked
the other end of the hop ropes to the ground, adjusted the lengths,
and ran them up the pole. I now have 9 very happy vines growing
that are easily over 9 feet tall. I'm really looking forward to
harvest this year!

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