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Subject: Beer Head and Fruit
Date: 1992-05-14 13:53:00 GMT


I have one comment and one question:

1. Regarding the point at which fruit should be added in the homebrewing
process, my conclusion was the following: Adding fruit anywhere in the
boil would cause haze in the end. Therefore, assuming that a lighter style
beer is the desired product my intention with my first batch next month
is to add it to the secondary so that bacteria and the wild things are
not encouraged due to the alcohol content present there. However, should
a darker beer be sought (cherry stout for instance), I do not believe there
should be a problem in adding the fruit to the boil, if appearance is all
that is at stake.

2. I have about two years and a few dozen batches behind me now and I have
a question regarding beer head. I have brewed both extract and grain beers,
but I have the persistent problem of a short-lived head. Meaning that the
head does not last long in the glass soon after it is poured. Initially
after the beer is poured it is a nice uniformly small-bubbled creamy head
but does not last long. I had a problem with crushing my grain too finely
which I have corrected. I also thought about how much detergent may have
been used in cleaning the glasses and have corrected that already. Could
water quality affect head? Could the presence of both cold and hot break
in the fermenter destroy head? I could use some experience and knowledge
on this issue.


Frank Dobner

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