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Subject: Big Prizes
Date: 1992-05-14 14:41:00 GMT

Micah Millspaw writes:
> I've heard some rumors about the prize situation in the AHA national
>homebrew competition. First, in the winter issue of zymurgy it was said
>that the prizes for 92 would be announced in the spring issue, they where
>not. And now I have heard that there will be no big prizes this year.
>At $7.50 (for members) and $9.50 (for non-members) entry fee,the investment
>in entering is hardly offset. Unless the AHA makes some changes, this years
>2300 or so entries may be as big as it gets. Lower entry fees and lower
>shipping cost will make the local competitions look a lot better.

The entry fees never have, nor do I think ever will, cover the cost of
BIG prizes. I assume that you are talking about trips to Norway, etc.
These BIG prizes are provided by sponsors. I am not associated with the
AHA other than being a member (I'm not an officer or anything -- I'm not
even a Zymurgy author yet), but I'll bet the AHA (as well as its membership)
would be very grateful if you could convince a few importers or breweries
to sponsor some prizes.

I believe that annually, the AHA prints a financials report. I've seen one
and I assure you that no one at the AHA is getting rich.

Maybe someone who knows for sure, can comment on where the $7.50/$9.50


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