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From: (Scott Jay)
Subject: Fine sediment
Date: 1992-05-14 15:19:45 GMT

I want to say thanks to all those who answered my query re.
beer styles. It helped alot for all of us novice brewers in my
brewgroup, FAB. Now I have another question!
Last evening I tried some of my latest brew - a lager,
probably actually a steam or common beer (thanks) - and noticed a
deposit of fine sediment up the sides of the bottle, almost to
the neck. When poured, this fine material mixed with the beer
making it cloudy. I did not notice an off flavour - actually it
was quite good :-) - but the beer did not look pleasing. Is this
normal (i.e. does it happen often)? How could I have prevented
it? I did rack into a secondary fermenter and racked again just
before bottling.

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