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From: fingerle@NADC.NADC.NAVY.MIL (J. Fingerle)
Subject: r.c.b only? Say it ain't so...
Date: 1992-05-14 17:28:01 GMT (Sterling Udell)
recently wrote...

>I would strongly vote against the HBD being replaced with r.c.b, for a
>number of reasons....

For the sake of bandwidth savings, I won't relist them, but let me
say that I AGREE with all three.

He then concluded by saying...

>Well, I guess I can climb down off my soapbox now, and slake my thirst
>with a cool ale. Ahhh, that's better. Other opinions?

uh, yeah, can I have a swig, I'm done with the soapbox.

name: Jimmy Nothing kills a good arguement
email: fingerle@NADC.NADC.NAVY.MIL like someone looking up the facts.
-or- fingerle@NADC.NAVY.MIL -Bill Lyon

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