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From: hopduvel! (John Isenhour)
Subject: Autoclaveable Air Lock
Date: 1992-05-15 05:01:41 GMT

I finally came to the conclusion that I want to try to innoculate a
30 gallon batch of wort by starting the yeast like this...

petri dish -> quart mason jar -> gallon jug

To this end I have aquired a real nice (brand -> 'All American')
mondo size pressure cooker. It will hold a gallon glass jug (the
kind apple juice comes in) with an air lock, upright. I am looking
for a autoclavable air lock of the type which can do reverse flow
(for when it cools). Anyone know where I can get such a beast, or
have an idea for how to make one?


- --
John, The Hop Devil
renaissance scientist and AHA/HWBTA certified Beer Judge

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