From the HBD Archive
Subject: [Rob Gardner: Re: Gatewaying of HBD to r.c.b]
Date: 1992-05-15 16:39:39 GMT

FYI, I recently posted this to rec.crafts.brewing.

> Just so everyone knows my feelings about the r.c.b/HBD crossposting:
> I think it's a great idea. As a result, the digest mailing list
> has shrunk a bit, but there's still plenty of critical mass to
> keep it going. Please don't worry about the digest going away and
> being replaced by r.c.b. - the digest will only stop being delivered
> when there are no articles submitted to it. It will only cease
> to exist when all subscribers have sent me unsubscribe requests!
> It would take an act of God (or management ;-) to kill the digest.
> Since there are currently over 1600 subscribers to the digest, it
> appears pretty safe. Don't worry.
> Rob (digest guy)

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